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The Pivotas Defense and Security Team is made up of a distinguished group of retired senior military officers and business leaders.​​

Their extensive background in operations, force development, analysis and planning, education and training, and government services provides Pivotas a unique capability for oversight, guidance and leadership in defense and security requirements and procurement.​

The senior members of the team are Ken Chadder, Andy Leslie, Fred Lewis and Apostolos Papastathopoulos, our military team provides access to years of experience and an extensive network spanning the globe.​

Military Advisory Board

Andrew Leslie - Lieutenant-General (Retd) the Honourable Andrew Leslie, PC, CMM, MSC, MSM, CD, RCA, BA, MA, PhD (hc)

Led the 57,000-person Canadian Army in domestic operations, peacekeeping and war. He has also been a Senior Vice President of a very large multinational corporation, a Federal Member of Parliament, the Chief Government Whip and the Parliamentary Secretary focused on Canada-US Relations and Trade during the time of NAFTA.

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Ken Chadder - Colonel (Retd) OMM, MSM, CD, RCE, BEng (Civil), MSc (Geo)

Colonel (ret'd) Ken Chadder, OMM, MSM, CD served as an engineer officer for 36 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has commanded at all levels including leading the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) deployment to Turkey, Commandant of the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, Director Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence, Commanding Officer of CFB Gagetown and Commanding Officer of the Canadian Forces Warfare Centre.

He has spent the past eight years as a consultant, leveraging his extensive experience to support clients in the areas of C4ISR, modelling & simulation, geospatial technology and infrastructure.

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Fred Lewis - Brigadier-General (Retd) MSM, CD, RCE, BEng (Civil), MMAS

Fred Lewis retired from the Canadian Armed Forces at the rank of Brigadier-General, his final appointment as Commander of the 15,000-person 4th Canadian Division. His 36 years of service was marked by operational command, often on deployed missions.  Secondary themes included force development and the delivery of professional military education. He holds a master degree in Military Arts and Sciences and an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering.  Since retirement from the military, in addition to pursuing his many hobbies and enjoying family life, he has assisted civilian companies, the Canadian Armed Forces and NATO in their development, training and leadership.

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Apostolos Papastathopoulos - Managing Director

An Economist with extensive experience of strategy, management, financial corporate and commercial matters, particularly to both public and private companies, joint ventures, M&A, corporate reorganizations, change management. Apostolos has a Bachelor in Economics, MSc in IFRS, Bachelor in Military Studies and MSc in Military Science and Art. He started his career as a military officer in Special Forces, and he was being awarded numerous national and international honors from NATO and US. He is an executive of international corporates and business advisor in multinational companies.

Apostolos says that his military experience was a better preparation for corporate competition than business school was. While business school focused on a peaceful world, the military prepared him for war and the day-today business crises he would come to face "every half hour". More specifically, he credited the military with teaching him goal-orientation and problem-solving skills.

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