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Mit einem hochqualifizierten Team, das Ihnen den Rücken stärkt, unterstützt unser Service Sie bei jedem Schritt, um das finanzielle Ergebnis zu erzielen, das Sie verdienen.

Wir bieten professionelle Einblicke und einfallsreiche Lösungen für organisatorische Probleme, einschließlich Unterstützung bei Umstrukturierung, Schuldenmanagement und Kapitalfinanzierung. Wir positionieren uns als strategischer Partner, der Unternehmer, Familienunternehmen und Führungskräfte bei Strategien zur Minderung finanzieller Risiken und zur Maximierung des Marktpotenzials berät.



Die Gründungspartner: Justin Fogarty, Donato Pinto, und Shawn Murphy sind einzigartig aufgestellt, um Organisationen beim Zugang zu Kapitalfinanzierung für notleidende Kredite zu unterstützen.

Wir unterstützen Organisationen bei der Bewertung ihrer finanziellen Risiken, Fähigkeiten und Optionen, bevor wir die richtige Lösung implementieren, die Verwaltung, Schließung, Schuldenmanagement und Konsolidierung umfassen kann.


Who are we?

Pivotas is a Swiss financial services provider founded and managed by a seasoned international team of entrepreneurs. Our team has a proven track record of facilitating access to capital for growing companies and expanding their global reach through top-tier strategic advisory services.

Pivotas originated from a think tank dedicated to examining the impact of the COVID-19 crisis and volatile market conditions on businesses, and realized that there was a gap and a need in the market for a team like ours.

We identified that big Law, big Accounting, big Consulting, and big Investment Banking may lack the agility needed to help fast-paced entrepreneurs devise new growth and sustainability strategies during uncertain times.

Pivotas was established to provide our clients access to a diverse collective of experienced entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. We offer extensive real-world expertise, a global perspective, and the ability to identify opportunities to create value.

One of our main differentiators is that our team has been in your shoes and can walk the talk.

What do we do?

Securing Growth Capital

 At Pivotas, our mission is to provide established companies with tailored growth capital solutions and to build sustainable value. We are with you through the whole process, from the beginning, to helping you with a successful exit.

Our extensive access to diverse pools of global strategic capital allows our clients to navigate the complexities of funding while minimizing excessive dilution. Over the past years, our team has participated in and facilitated financial transactions totaling over $13 billion

Strategic Consulting

We position ourselves as a strategic partner, advising entrepreneurs, family businesses, and leaders on strategies to achieve sustainable growth and maximize market potential. Helping you to achieve an amazing exit. A Win - Win!

Specialized Financial Services

We develop niche financial products and services tailored to Pivotas’ specific industries or client segments where we have deep expertise and market knowledge.


Our areas of expertise are:

Ø  AI, Cybersecurity and Fintech

Ø  Military and Defense

Ø  Longevity and Healthcare

Ø  Renewable Energy and Energy Transition

Ø  Food Security

Ø  Assetization


Our Values

At Pivotas we live by our values, and they lay in the CORE of how we do business.

CORE stands for:

Creative and innovative. Being experienced entrepreneurs and leaders is what sets our team apart from the competition.

Open and transparent. Concise Communication and teamwork is our strong asset.

Respectful to all stakeholders. We cultivate a workspace based on strong ethics and inclusion.

Energetic and focused. We are fully engaged and committed to the long-term success of our clients.


Our Value proposition

 At Pivotas, we aim to support Entrepreneurs in achieving their best potential through strategies for Sustainable Growth and Value creation. Our unique Value proposition is based on three pillars:

“From Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs”

Our team comprises experienced businesspeople with diverse experience on all stages of business development. This allows us to relate with our clients and work closely with them to understand their goals, needs and fears.

 We get aligned and stay aligned with all our Stakeholders.

 Our intimate and experienced understanding of growing businesses gives us the ability to navigate uncertainty and create the value strategy that uniquely fits our clients needs.

“Locally anchored, internationally networked”

Being a Swiss-based company, we combine the stability and value of the Swiss financial environment with special access to international networks and industries that give our clients unique opportunities and advantages.

“We are Solution Makers, not problem solvers”

Our ability to work outside a fixed model and be adaptive to each particular situation, with emotional and practical creativity, enables us to create custom optimal strategies for Sustainable Growth and Value creation.

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Europa: +41 44 561 56 36
Amerika: +1 647 905 5143


Dammstrasse 19
6300 Zug, Schweiz

Bahnhofplatz 1
6460 Altdorf, Schweiz

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