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With a highly skilled team that has your back, our service supports you every step of the way to get the financial outcome you deserve. We offer professional insight and imaginative solutions to organizational problems, including support on restructuring, debt management, and capital funding. We position ourselves as a strategic partner, advising entrepreneurs, family businesses, and leaders on strategies to mitigate financial risks and maximize market potential.



The founding partners: Justin Fogarty, Donato Pinto and Shawn Murphy are uniquely placed to support organizations with access to capital funding for distressed lending situations. We support organizations in assessing their financial risks, capabilities, and options before implementing the right solution that can include administration, closure, debt management, and consolidation.

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Europe: +41 44 561 56 36
America +1 647 905 5143


Chellenstrasse 20F
6318 Walchwil, Switzerland



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