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The process of Assetization significantly broadens access to a wide array of assets, reaching far beyond the traditional pool of investors. In this way, Assetization allows for greater inclusivity in investment opportunities, especially those considered alternative, private, or non-bankable. 

One key mechanism is 'fractionalization,' which allows the owner of a high-value asset—like a painting—to divide it into smaller 'shares.' This makes it possible for individuals who could not afford the entire asset to own a portion of it. 

Similarly, Assetization facilitates access to exclusive investment opportunities. Previously, opportunities in private equity or private debt were available primarily to the very wealthy or well-connected. The process of Assetization opens these doors to a wider range of investors."

Donato Pinto - Managing Partner

A senior executive, entrepreneur and strategic advisor with a track record of profitably repositioning and developing financial service and industrial businesses in Europe and Asia. Divisional CEO of large international corporates with in depth expertise in strategy, operations, business development and M&A.

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Justin Fogarty - Chairman & Partner

Known for his creativity and a founder of Pivotas he has been one of the Globe’s top internationally legal counsel in corporate finance, banking, M & A, restructuring and corporate governance. He has been a senior advisor to major corporations, financial institutions and governments dealing with complex policy and business issues. He has been an investment banker in London and has founded two successful investment funds and is a Swiss FINMA registered Client Advisor. His global experience as a top lawyer, advisor, board member and entrepreneur provides Pivotas’ clients an experienced international perspective that brings creative value solutions to achieve winning outcomes.

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Richard Bissonnet - Senior Advisor

Richard has been a financial advisor since 2002, initially as a founder of independent partnerships based in Geneva and Zürich.

He has advised on corporate M&A, institutional real estate transactions and venture capital funding in Switzerland, the EU and in south-east Asia.

In the earlier part of his career he was a senior executive with Reuters Holdings plc in London, Geneva, Zürich, Paris and Milan.

Richard’s current focus is on cybersecurity, and he is Executive Chair of Authentico Technologies AB, a Swedish-based provider of unique data encryption solutions.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is a former President of the Swiss INSEAD Alumni Association

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