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From Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs

Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their highest potential

Our Services

Strategic consulting

We position ourselves as a strategic partner, advising entrepreneurs, family businesses, and leaders on strategies to achieve sustainable growth and maximize market potential. Helping you to achieve an amazing exit. A Win - Win!

Securing growth capital

At Pivotas, our mission is to provide established companies with tailored growth capital solutions and to build sustainable value. We are with you through the whole process, from the beginning, to helping you with a successful exit.


Our extensive access to diverse pools of global strategic capital allows our clients to navigate the complexities of funding while minimizing excessive dilution. Over the past years, our team has participated in and facilitated financial transactions totaling over $13 billion

Specialized Financial Services

We develop niche financial products and services tailored to Pivotas’ specific industries or client segments where we have deep expertise and market knowledge.

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Our Expertise

Military Defense

Experienced Team.

Our team of experienced businesspeople will help you navigate uncertainty and work with you to create the value strategy that uniquely fits to your needs.

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Dammstrasse 19
6300 Zug, Switzerland
Europe: +41 44 561 56 36
America +1 647 905 5143

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