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Launch of Pivotas AG

Pivotas AG Announces the Launch of its Global Strategic Advisory Organization 

We are excited to announce the launch of Pivotas AG, a global strategic advisory firm focused on the emerging needs of entrepreneurs. We are passionate about helping businesses navigate continuous and complex change, showing them a successful path forward. We believe that today’s entrepreneur, requires more than the traditional silo-based advisory model. Our multidisciplinary team of leaders propel sustainable business growth, minimize complexity, and uncovers less dilutive opportunities to enable today’s entrepreneurs.

The Pivotas vision started in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. Relegated to our home-offices, we noted not only the devastating forces of the disease on global health and the economy, but an acceleration of the forces of change towards a ‘new normal’ for which many businesses were not fully prepared to face so soon. Since that time, we continued to work with clients, bringing the best global expertise and real-life experiences to those we supported. Today, we are delighted to crystallize our vision with the launch of Pivotas AG to accelerate the future growth of existing business and foster the emergence of new businesses to ‘pivot’, assess and accelerate future growth. Our magic is our ability to bring senior business leaders’ expertise to focus on your company’s most pressing issues and to work seamlessly to save you time and money. Our unique perspectives and profiles allow us to look beyond the current “whack-a-mole” of today and pivot as you leap to the future. We have a multi-disciplinary group of leaders and associates that can work alongside of you from early stage to future growth. Our ability to access diverse pools of global capital helps entrepreneurs manage the web of sourcing funds and managing excessive dilution.


About our Founders and Managing Partners.

Justin R. Fogarty BA, LL.B, LL.M, Hon LCol

Known for his creativity and a founder of Pivotas he has been one of the Globe’s top internationally legal counsel in corporate finance, banking, M & A, restructuring and corporate governance. He has been a senior advisor to major corporations, financial institutions and governments dealing with complex policy and business issues. He has been an investment banker in London and has founded two successful investment funds. His global experience as a top lawyer, advisor, board member and entrepreneur provides Pivotas’ clients an experienced international perspective that brings creative value solutions to achieve winning outcomes. 


Shawn Murphy BSc, MEME, MBA, CFA

A serial entrepreneur with successful careers in aerospace engineering and investment management. Chief investment officer and investment fund manager of funds in Luxembourg, Cayman and Bermuda. CEO of digital media firm and well versed in information technologies.


Donato Pinto MSc, MBA

A senior executive, entrepreneur and strategic advisor with a track record of profitably repositioning and developing financial service and industrial businesses in Europe and Asia. Divisional CEO of large international corporates with in depth expertise in strategy, operations, business development and M&A.